Electric Water Pump EWP80 (NYLON) Kit (Part #8005) (Davies Craig)

Electric Water Pump EWP80 (NYLON) Kit (Part #8005) (Davies Craig)

Electric Water Pump EWP80 (NYLON) Kit (Part #8005) (Davies Craig)
Davies Craig PL - EWP80 Kit - Electric Water Pump - Part No: 8005. Combo with Controller (Part #8907).

The EWP®80 Electric Water Pump. Install, designed to complement or replace your existing belt-driven. Will fit most vehicle makes and models fitted with.

Naturally-aspirated or turbo engines up to two litres. The revolutionary, Australian-designed EWP®80 is made from. Anti-corrosive, lightweight, heat-resistant, glass-filled nylon and. Incorporates a ceramic faced seal for long-life durability.

The EWP®80 greatly enhances engine cooling control while giving. You added power and improved fuel economy. By removing the parasitic power losses of a belt-driven, mechanical. Water pump the EWP® can provide up to 10kW (13hp) of extra power.

Visit the DC Tube page for installation demonstration videos at the Davies Craig website. 3V DC to 15V DC.

40° to 130°C (-40° to 266°F). Clockwise centrifugal with volute chamber. 900 grams (2.0 lb). 32mm to 51mm (1 to 2).

The Digital Controller will vary the speed of the EWP® in response to the engines coolant temperature. Multiple temperature settings are provided on the Controller for either maximum power or fuel efficiency. The Thermatic® Fan/s will be activated automatically once the engine coolant rises 3°C (5.4°F) above the targeted (set). The Digital Controller will automatically run on for three minutes (or to 10°C / 14°F below the set temperature) after. Engine shut down, eliminating heat soak and extending engine life.

The EWP®80 Digital Controller Combo is supplied in a do. It-yourself kit with everything you need for fitment to your vehicles engine, including an easy-to-follow DIY instruction booklet. Leaving the mechanical water pump in place, install the EWP.

Into the bottom radiator hose. Remove the thermostat and drill two approx.

3mm (1/8) holes in the thermostat plate to allow some coolant circulation when the thermostat is closed. Re-install ensuring that the thermostat housing is clean and a new gasket is used if required. INSTALLATION disabling Mechanical water pump. Into the bottom radiator hose and remove the manufacturers thermostat. You will need to bypass the water pump pulley by installing an appropriate length belt (not supplied).

This method makes for an easy installation. If running the pump continuously remove the thermostat and drill two approx. 3mm (1/8) holes in the thermostat plate to allow some coolant circulation. In both these cases, the EWP. Will pump past the impeller of the mechanical water pump.

Disengaged mechanical water pump (recommended). Remove the mechanical water pump and remove the thermostat.

Then remove the impeller from the mechanical pump shaft. Retain the mechanical water pump using the pump pulley as an idler to avoid re-routing the drive belt.

Block any bypass passages and re-install the disengaged water pump ensuring that all gasket surfaces are clean and the new gaskets are properly fitted to prevent leaks. Removed mechanical water pump (Ideal). Remove the mechanical water pump and thermostat from the engine. Install a Davies Craig EWP. Header Adaptor or blanking plate (not supplied).

Ensuring the gasket surfaces are clean and the appropriate gasket or sealant is used to prevent leaks. This method will require you to modify or replace the standard radiator hose.

Install an appropriate length belt (not supplied) to drive the accessories. Will be adequately supported by the radiator hose.

Where mounting is required, the EWP. Must be soft mounted to protect against vibration. For the EWP115, EWP130 and EWP150 Part #8700 Mounting bracket is recommended.

We do not make false claims on invoice values as this is against the law, so please do not ask. Please use the Davies Craig website and select the distributor tab to find an Authorised Distributors for these regions. The item "Electric Water Pump EWP80 (NYLON) Kit (Part #8005) (Davies Craig)" is in sale since Sunday, January 3, 2016. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Cooling Systems\Water Pumps".123" and is located in Melbourne.

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Electric Water Pump EWP80 (NYLON) Kit (Part #8005) (Davies Craig)

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