Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc

Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc
Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc
Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc
Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc
Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc
Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc

Bbc Chevy 454 496 Engine Dress Up Kit, Front Acc. Inc. Wp, Alt, Pulleys, Etc

BBC BIG BLOCK CHEVY 396, 427, 454, 496 FRONT ACCESSORIES MASTER KIT. INCLUDES EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR THE FRONT OF THE ENGINE. We have seen many such packages on the market, and some are appealing, but the price of most are very expensive. Some of the kits only include the pulleys and brackets. The problem is many don't mount up to existing accessories on your engine properly.

We have included in our kit most of what you see on the front of the engine pictured above and below, with the exception of the timing cover and the damper. We have the polished aluminum timing covers in our other listings. This accessory master kit is exactly what we use on our Turn-Key BBC (Big Block Chevy) complete engines. The parts used are of exceptional quality, and fit is precise. The parts are simple and straightforward to install.

We will also offer technical assistance to those needing it. You will be able to speak to our actual engine builders who install this kit if needed.

We have seen other configurations on the market that are nothing more than a mis-match of parts with no regard as to how they will go together. You will also receive the needed hardware for the pulleys and brackets.

High quality V-belts are included and are the exact length needed. This setup uses a long style water pump. If your vehicle originally had a short water pump on it, and you plan to use an electric fan, then changing over to the long water pump setup should not be a problem. Most all Chevy vehicles went to the long water pump setup around 1969.

Should your vehicle be an earlier model than 1969, this setup should still work without a problem, but if you're running a mechanical fan, and had a short water pump, be sure you have enough space for your fan blade to clear your radiator fins. The long water pump protrudes forward approx. 3/4 of an inch longer than the short version.

GM did not change mounting points on their blocks from the 60's on up, as far as we know. As to how far back in model year that you can go with this setup, we're not sure, but we don't really see any problem using this on BBC engines from the mid-60's on up to the last of the BBC 454 engines that operated with a V-belt system. Even later BBC blocks from the serpentine era may be converted back to the conventional V-belt setup should you desire. Dart blocks are also not a problem for any of these accessories. This turn-key accessory kit will give your BBC engine a totally new look, and getting rid of all those worn out parts will certainly be of great benefit.

The alternator bracket seems to mount up to most all the BBC heads on the market. Our pictures above show it mounted to a set of AFR's and the other picture below it shows it mounted up to a set of Procomp BBC. We don't see any problems using this kit with most heads on the market. The many pictures of the dress up kit are provided to show you how it looks from many different angles once mounted on the engine. 120 amp chrome one or three wire alternator.

Polished billet aluminum alternator bracket. High volume satin aluminum water pump.

This is our premium BBC water pump. Chrome power steering pump, A-can style.

Chrome plated PS pump bracket. Aluminum pulleys for crank, water pump, and PS pump. Premium Dayco Top Cog V-belts from Federated, exact fit for this setup. All mounting hardware for the brackets and pulleys. 304 Stainless socket head water pump bolts.

The engine, heads, valve covers, intake manifold, starter, fuel pump or carburetor. Harmonic damper and damper bolt.

Water neck or water pipe on water pump. This is our high volume long style satin water pump with aluminum impeller. This is a very high quality pump. Our 120 amp chrome plated one or three wire alternator. Stainless socket head bolt set with stainless washers.

Many have asked why were able to sell our products for such a great price. Its because were also a major distribution center for all of the parts used in this kit. Few retailers ever get to master-wd pricing. We also believe in keeping our profit levels low enough to allow the working man a chance to build his car the way it should be built. You may have noticed other sellers using a similar name offering similar products.

These other sellers have capitalized on our name, as we see it, and many customers searching for us will inadvertently find them, thinking we are one and the same company. There is only one Skip White.

Our official company name is Skip White Performance. The item must be LABELED CORRECTLY and include a copy of the ORIGINAL RECEIPT inside the package. It is preferable that you use the original package that the product was received in.

You MUST label the OUTSIDE of the package with the ATTN to representative that gave authorization written in BIG BOLD LETTERS on the OUTSIDE of the package AND on the receipt inside the package. You must also explain in writing what the problem is with the item. If the item comes back to us UNLABELED and/or NO RECEIPT inside the box, the return WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. If return to sender is not allowed by carrier, the item WILL BE DISCARDED.

We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product. You may also request an invoice at time of checkout. For tech support, please use the.

"Ask A Question or Contact" tab. If you are in a 3 day zone, and your package leaves on a Thursday, you will not receive it until Tuesday. If you have any questions, you may give a call at. This video is of our company race car owned and operated by Skip White. The item "BBC CHEVY 454 496 ENGINE DRESS UP KIT, FRONT ACC. WP, ALT, PULLEYS, ETC" is in sale since Wednesday, June 15, 2016. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Engines & Components\Other". The seller is "skipwhite" and is located in Kingsport, Tennessee. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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